About Me

My name is Andreia Roque, I'm a freelance designer and product photographer located in Braga, but I work worldwide.

I have worked for various companys while staying in Braga, I have experience in product photography, branding, graphic design and creating wordpress websites

I'm finishing a Master Degree in Digital Design, with research in Rebranding and Marketing, and I have a degree in Graphic and Multimedia Design, where I specialized in the area of Multimedia, at the Superior School of Arts and Design of Caldas da Rainha, in Leiria.

Since childhood I have a special taste for the arts, from painting to design, in my free time I like to draw and paint, and also to spend some time with my spoiled cat and my fiance.

Mellow is a project of mine, a handmade brand, that I'm working also on my master degree, and that is needing a rebranding to become a handmade brand of luxury stationary, our mission is to help the consumers to achieve their daily and annual goals with a unique product.

Portuguese Red Cross

From 11/2015 - 06/2016

I did an internship in the area of Graphic Design for the Portuguese Red Cross, in the Delegation of Braga, in the Somos+ project, which is a solidary brand of handmade products, where I worked in the graphic and digital part of the brand, where I was working on ideas for the brand, graphic design in general, product design, social media content, image edition and also the product photography and editing.


From 01/2017 - 10/2017

It is a regional communication and advertising company located in Braga, Portugal, where I was in 2017 since January to October. I worked as a freelancer in the area of graphic design, having carried out several printed projects, like the publication Minho in Mil Suggestions, a tourist guide of 300 pages where I did the pagination and design update.


From 04/2018 - until now

I'm working as a designer and product photographer on a freelance basis, I work for Wcreate, partial time, where I do graphic design, product photography, and photo editing. And I have other clients in the areas of branding, web design and product photography, some of them being Sloanie and Raw Beauty Lab.